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300-430 Exam Dumps Questions

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Where is Cisco Hyperlocation enabled on a Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controller web interface?

A. Policy Profile

B. AP Join Profile

C. Flex Profile

D. RF Profile


A network engineer observes a spike in controller CPU overhead and overall network utilization after multicast is
enabled on a controller with 500 APs. Which feature connects the issue?

A. controller IGMP snooping

B. multicast AP multicast mode

C. broadcast forwarding

D. unicast AP multicast mode


An engineer configures the wireless LAN controller to perform 802.1x user authentication. Which configuration must be
enabled to ensure that client devices can connect to the wireless, even when WLC cannot communicate with the

A. pre-authentication

B. local EAP

C. authentication caching

D. Cisco Centralized Key Management


An engineer must use Cisco AVC on a Cisco WLC to prioritize Cisco IP cameras that use the wireless network. Which
element do you configure in a rule?

A. permit-ACL

B. WMM required

C. mark

D. rate-limit


A wireless engineer must implement a corporate wireless network for a large company in the most efficient way
possible. The wireless network must support 32 VLANs for 300 employees in different departments. Which solution
must the engineer choose?

A. Configure a second WLC to support half of the APs in the deployment.

B. Configure one single SSID and implement Cisco ISE for VLAN assignment according to different user roles.

C. Configure different AP groups to support different VLANs, so that all of the WLANs can be broadcast on both radios.

D. Configure 16 WLANs to be broadcast on the 2.4-GHz band and 16 WLANs to be broadcast on the 5.0-GHz band.


Which AP model of the Cisco Aironet Active Sensor is used with the Cisco DNA Center?

A. 1800s

B. 3600e

C. 3800s

D. 4800i


Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is creating an ACL to restrict some traffic to the WLC CPU. Which selection must be
made from the direction drop-down list?
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A. It must be Inbound because traffic goes to the WLC.

B. Packet direction has no significance; it is always Any.

C. It must be Outbound because it is traffic that is generated from the WLC.

D. To have the complete list of options, the CPU ACL must be created only by the CLI.


An engineer is implementing a FlexConnect group for access points at a remote location using local switching but
central DHCP. Which client feature becomes available only if this configuration is changed?

A. multicast

B. static IP

C. fast roaming



During the EAP process and specifically related to the client authentication session, which encrypted key is sent from
the RADIUS server to the access point?

A. WPA key

B. session key

C. encryption key

D. shared-secret key


All APs are receiving multicast traffic, instead of only the APs that need it. What is the cause of this problem?

A. The multicast group includes all APs

B. The wrong multicast address was used

C. The multicast group is assigned the wrong VLAN

D. Multicast IGMP snooping is not enabled


Branch wireless users report that they can no longer access services from head office but can access services locally at
the site. New wireless users can associate with the wireless while the WAN is down. Which three elements (Cisco
FlexConnect state, operation mode, and authentication method) are seen in this scenario? (Choose three.)

A. authentication-local/switch-local

B. WPA2 personal

C. authentication-central/switch-central

D. lightweight mode

E. standalone mode

F. WEB authentication


An engineer must configure a Cisco WLC to support Cisco Aironet 600 Series OfficeExtend APs. Which two Layer 2
security options are supported in this environment? (Choose two.)

A. Static WEP + 802.1X


C. Static WEP


E. 802.1X


An engineer wants the wireless voice traffic class of service to be used to determine the queue order for packets
received, and then have the differentiated services code point set to match when it is resent to another port on the
switch. Which configuration is required in the network?

A. Platinum QoS configured on the WLAN

B. WMM set to required on the WLAN

C. msl qos trust dscp configured on the controller switch port

D. msl qos trust cos configured on the controller switch port


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