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200-301 Exam Dumps Questions Practice Test

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Welcome to your free Cisco 200-301 exam questions to pass 200-301 exam

QUESTION 1An engineer needs to configure LLDP to send the port description time length value (TLV). What command sequence
must be implemented?
QUESTION 2When a floating static route is configured, which action ensures that the backup route is used when the primary route
QUESTION 3If a notice-level messaging is sent to a Syslog server, which event has occurred?
QUESTION 4Which option best describes an API?
QUESTION 5What mechanism carries multicast traffic between remote sites and supports encryption?
QUESTION 6A wireless administrator has configured a WLAN; however, the clients need access to a less congested 5-GHz network
for their voice quality. What action must be taken to meet the requirement?
QUESTION 7Refer to the exhibit. Which two events occur on the interface if packets from an unknown Source address arrive after the
interface learns the maximum number of secure MAC address? (Choose two.)

Dumpclick 200-301 exam questions-q7
QUESTION 8Which two WAN architecture options help business scalability and reliability for the network? (Choose two)
QUESTION 9Which technology is used to improve web traffic performance by proxy caching?
QUESTION 10Which attribute does a router use to select the best path when two or more different routes to the same destination exist
from two different routing protocols?
QUESTION 11Dumpclick 200-301 exam questions-q11

Refer to the exhibit. What does router R1 use as its OSPF router-ID?
QUESTION 12What are the two differences between optical-fiber cabling and copper cabling? (Choose two.)
QUESTION 13What software-defined architecture plane assists network devices with making packet-forwarding decisions by providing
Layer 2 reachability and Layer 3 routing information?

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