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Sales Cloud Consultant Certification is a type of Salesforce certification that measures your Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant skills and application knowledge. To help you complete the Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant (CRT-251) exam, real Pass4itSure Sales Cloud Consultant dumps, will help you prepare for the Sales Cloud Consultant certification exam – new for May 2022.

Sales Cloud Consultant Dumps 2022

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1. Cloud Kicks recently released a custom Action for Competitor Notes, that will prompt sales representatives to provide information about competitors for Opportunities. The sales representatives reported that even though the Action works well on their desktop, they cannot see the Action on their mobile app. What is required to fix this problem?

A. Edit the Page Layout to include the Action.
B. Edit the Page Layout to include a custom link to the Action.
C. Edit the Visualforce to make it available for the mobile app.
D. Edit the Action to make it available for the mobile app.

Correct Answer: C

2. A company frequently has issues with customers that need complex, hands-on technical support with high-priority issues in difficult-to-visit locales. What should be recommended for reliable, real-time support to customers with these restrictions?

A. Customer Community
B. Field Service Lightning
C. SOS Video Chat
D. Salesforce Knowledge

Correct Answer: C

3. The marketing Manager at Universal Containers wants to leverage the power of sales cloud to support the sales following requirement:
*monitor website traffic
*Email 1200 leads per day
*capture customer satisfaction survey result on a web form
*Understand (report) the case of marketing exercise vs sales activity
What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

A. Use mass email, campaign, campaign influence, web-to-lead, opportunity and report
B. Use community campaign, web-to-lead, opportunity and report and dashboard
C. Use campaign web-to lead opportunity, report, and dashboard
D. Use AppExchange marketing app, campaign, web-to-lead, opportunity and report

Correct Answer: D

4. UC and Global Shipping (GS) are affiliates of ABC Corporation. Both affiliates use separate instances of Salesforce and work independently but sell to some of the same customers. They would like to collaborate on the common customers but keep the data for other customers separate. What approach should a consultant recommend for implementing Salesforce to meet these requirements?

A. Set up a single Salesforce instance and maintain exclusive customer data using divisions
B. Use separate Salesforce instances and link shared records using Salesforce to Salesforce
C. Use separate Salesforce instances and link shared records using a customer community
D. Set up a single instance for ABC Corporation and set up partner communities for UC and GS

Correct Answer: B

5. What are the main challenges that marketing faces when trying to align with sales? (Select all that apply)

A. Inefficient handoff from marketing to sales
B. Lack of feedback from marketing to sales
C. Slowing down of lead velocity
D. Sales cannot keep up with leads from marketing

Correct Answer: AC

6. What is the benefit of a sandbox?

A. It allows for development, testing, and training
B. It extends Salesforce functionality
C. It builds new application functionality
D. It allows to create or change buttons, and dynamically route approvals

Correct Answer: A

7. A sales manager for one of Cloud Kicks\’ sales territories is unable to see a forecast for the current quarter. What will resolve this problem?

A. Suggest the opportunity owner share the opportunity with the sales manager.
B. Select the correct forecast from the user record.
C. Add the sales manager to the forecasting public group.
D. Set the forecast manager for this territory.

Correct Answer: D

8. Forecast Category “Best Case” can be summarized as:

A. Closed
B. Closed + Commit
C. Closed + Commit + Best Case
D. Commit + Best Case + Pipeline

Correct Answer: C

9. On larger opportunity, multiple sale, representative at Universal Container, collaborate on a single Opportunity to complete the sale. Revenue for the Opportunity ?divided among sales representatives. Additionally, technical sale, managers receive a percentage of the sales credit. How should the consultant meet this business requirement?

A. Create a formula field on the Opportunity to track revenue attributed to technical sales managers.
B. Enable Opportunity Teams and ask opportunity owners to add a sales team.
C. Use adjustments In Collaborative Forecasting to track the appropriate revenue for each Opportunity.
D. Enable Opportunity splits, enable revenue splits for sales representatives, and overly splits for technical. sales managers.

Correct Answer: D

10. Which best describes the Salesforce Automation feature “Activities”?

A. Ensures that we are tracking our progress towards the desired states.
B. Enforces the business process.
C. Identifies key stakeholders from the buy side.
D. Makes sure we recognize those involved in the sales process.
E. Allows to better automate the sales methodology.
F. Determines the sales stages of an organization.

Correct Answer: A

11. The finance department of UC is noticing a decline in profitability, which they attribute to an excessive number of Discounts on opportunities. What can the finance department do to monitor and control opportunity discounting? Choose 2 answers

A. Create a custom roll-up field to calculate the average product discount for each customer.
B. Ensure that sales management approves discount requests for each opportunity.
C. Run a report on opportunities showing list price and discounted price.
D. Limit the number of discounted products that can be added to an opportunity.

Correct Answer: BC

12. Universal Containers management wants to increase the productivity of its sales representatives. How can be used to meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers

A. Feedback can be given publicly or privately.
B. Coaching statistics can be linked to reports
C. Coaching goals can be linked to reports
D. Feedback can be requested for the entire sales team

Correct Answer: AC

13. Which of the following describes the Stage field?

A. Identifies where a deal is in relation to actually being closed.
B. Determines the row in your Forecast where the amount will be aggregated.
C. The numeric prediction that the revenue from an opportunity will be realized

Correct Answer: A

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