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640-916 dumps

Kill your exam with Cisco 640-916 dumps real questions(1-32)

Which two Cisco Nexus 2000-Series Fabric Extenders support connections to both Cisco Nexus 5000 Series switches and Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Nexus 2248TP
B. Cisco Nexus 2248TP-E
C. Cisco Nexus 2232PP
D. Cisco Nexus 2232TM
640-916 exam 
Correct Answer: AC

What is the maximum number of Cisco ACE GSS 4400 Series Appliances that can be part of a high availability mesh?
A. 16
B. 8
C. 4
D. 3
E. 12
F. 14
Correct Answer: B

An administrator connected a new server to a Cisco MDS 9222i on Port FCL/20, but did not capture the world wide node name of the host bus adapter. Which command returns the needed information?
A. show flogi database
B. show fcns database
C. show fcs database
D. show wwn status
E. show interface fc 1/20
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Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
640-916 dumps
Which two pieces of configuration information about interface Ethernet 1/10 can the engineer determine? (Choose two.)
A. It runs at 10 Gbps.
B. It is part of a logical port channel interface.
C. It is configured as a point-to-point interface.
D. It is administratively down.
E. It uses a nonstandard MTU size.
Correct Answer: AB

A user is trying to create a new VDC in NX-OS in global configurations mode, but receives an error message. What issue prevents the user from creating Virtual Device Contexts?
A. The user is not granted Super User role permissions.
B. VDCs cannot be created in NX-OS.
C. The user is not a member of VDC Power Admin group.
D. VDCs are not created under interface configurations mode.
640-916 pdf Correct Answer: A

640-916 dumps640-916 dumps

Which Cisco Nexus 1000V component is the equivalent of a line card on a standard Cisco Nexus switch?
A. Virtual Ethernet Module
B. Virtual Supervisor Module
C. Virtual Service Blade
D. Virtual Security Gateway
Correct Answer: A

Which is the maximum number of active zone sets on Cisco MDS 9500 Series Fibre Channel Switches?
A. 1 with all licenses
B. 2 with Standard Zoning license
C. 3 with Enhanced Zoning license
D. 4 with Enterprise Zoning license
640-916 vce Correct Answer: A

Which command pings from the Cisco Nexus 5548 interface mgmt 0 to host
A. ping -m
B. ping -m
C. ping vrf management
D. ping vrf default
Correct Answer: C

What native Fibre Channel technology facilitates connecting multiple Fibre Channel devices behind a
single FC address?
A. N-Port Virtualization
B. N-Port Identification Virtualization
C. Fibre Channel Arbitrary Loop
D. Fiber Channel over Ethernet
640-916 exam Correct Answer: C

640-916 dumps
Refer to the exhibit. An engineer has configured a primary fabric interconnect with this configuration. Which two pieces of information are needed to guarantee high availability and fail over for the secondary fabric interconnect for the cluster? (Choose two.)
A. Cisc0123!
F. Fabric-A
Correct Answer: AB

Which three are characteristics of the SAN core-edge design? (Choose three.)
A. few devices to manage
B. deterministic latency
C. lower oversubscription
D. fewer ISLs
E. easy to analyze and tune performance
F. cost-effective for large SANs
640-916 dumps 
Correct Answer: BEF

Which SAN Fabric technology is used to restrict access between initiators and targets?
A. zoning
C. LUN masking
D. LUN mapping

Correct Answer: A

Which three are benefits of virtual machines? (Choose three.)
A. dedicated LAN NIC
B. dedicated SAN HBA
C. resource partitioning
D. hardware abstraction
E. virtual machine isolation
640-916 pdf 
Correct Answer: CDE

Which four components are parts of the Cisco Data Center Nexus switching offering? (Choose four.)
A. Cisco 6000 Series Switch
B. Cisco ASR 9000
C. Cisco 1000v Switch
D. Cisco IOS Software
E. Cisco 4500E Switch
F. Cisco NX-OS Software
G. Cisco 6509-E Switch
H. Cisco Fabric Extender
Correct Answer: ACFH

A network architecture team is looking for a technology on Cisco Nexus switches that significantly simplifies extending Layer 2 applications across distributed data centers. The team wants the Cisco Data Center Interconnect between sites and without changing or reconfiguring the existing network design. Which technology should be used?
A. Multiprotocol Label Switching
B. Cisco FabricPath
C. virtual switching system
D. virtual port channel
E. Overlay Transport Virtualization
640-916 vce 
Correct Answer: E

Refer to the exhibit.

640-916 dumps

In this FCoE topology, which two ports are VE ports? (Choose two.)
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D
E. E
F. F
Correct Answer: BC

In a Cisco Nexus 7009 switch with three N7K-F248XP-25E modules, what is the minimum number of Fabric-2 modules needed to support full utilization of all the installed ports?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
E. 6

640-916 exam Correct Answer: D

What are two purposes of VIFs in Data Center Unified Fabric? (Choose two.)
A. VIF can be used to virtually present NICs to the operating system
B. VIF is created when interconnecting Catalyst switches to Nexus switches
C. FEX modules can be connected to Nexus parent switches through VIF
D. VIF can be used to directly attach virtual machines with a Unified Computing System
E. VIF creates multiple switch instances inside a VDC
Correct Answer: AD

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640-916 dumps


640-916 dumps


Correct Answer:

640-916 dumps

Which of the following is a benefit of ClearPass OnGuard?
A. Allows employees and other non-IT staff to create temporary accounts for Wi-Fi access.
B. Offers an easy way for users to self-configure their devices to support 802.1X authentication on wired and wireless networks.
C. Enables organizations to run advanced endpoint posture assessments.
D. Offers full self-service provisioning for personal employee owned devices.
E. Allows a receptionist in a hotel to create accounts for guest users.
640-916 dumps 
Correct Answer: C

A customer would like to deploy ClearPass with the following objectives: they have 2000 devices that need to be onboarded, 2000 corporate devices running posture checks daily, and 500 different guest users each day authenticating using the web login feature. Which of the following best describes the license mix that they need to purchase?
A. CP-HW-500, 2500 Clearpass Enterprise
B. CP-HW-5k, 2500 Clearpass Enterprise
C. CP-HW-5k, 4500 Clearpass Enterprise
D. CP-HW-25k, 4500 Clearpass Enterprise
E. CP-HW-25k, 4000 Clearpass Enterprise
Correct Answer: D

A customer would like to deploy ClearPass with the following objectives: they have 3000 corporate laptops doing EAP-TLS authentication daily, 1000 personal smartphone devices that need to be onboarded. The corporate laptops are required to pass a posture check before getting access to the network. Which of the following best describes the license mix that they need to purchase?
A. CP-HW-5k, 1000 Clearpass Enterprise
B. CP-HW-5k, 1000 Onboard, 3000 Onguard
C. CP-HW-25k, 1000 Clearpass Enterprise
D. CP-HW-25k, 1000 Onboard, 3000 Onguard
E. CP-HW-25k, 3000 Onguard
640-916 pdf 
Correct Answer: B

A customer would like to deploy ClearPass with the following objectives: Every day, 100 employees authenticate with their corporate laptops using EAP-TLS. Every Friday, there is a meeting with business partners and an additional 50 devices authenticate using Web Login Guest Authentication. Which of the following is correct? (Choose 2)
A. When counting policy manager licenses, they need to include the additional 50 business partner devices
B. When counting policy manager licenses, they can exclude the additional 50 business partner devices
C. They should purchase guest licenses
D. They should purchase onboard licenses
E. They should purchase onguard licenses

Correct Answer: AC

Which licenses are included in the built in Starter kit for Clearpass?
A. 25 ClearPass Policy Manager licenses
B. 25 Clearpass Enterprise licenses
C. 10 ClearPass Guest licenses, 10 ClearPass OnGuard licenses and 10 ClearPass Onboard licenses
D. 25 ClearPass Profiler licenses
E. 10 Clearpass Enterprise licenses
640-916 vce 
Correct Answer: B

What is the function of ClearPass Onboard?
A. Provide guest access for visitors to connect to the network
B. Process authentication requests based on policy services
C. Profile devices connecting to the network
D. Provision personal devices to securely connect to the network
E. To allow a windows machine to use machine authentication to access the network
Correct Answer: D

What is the Onboard license usage based on?
A. Each user connected to the provisioning SSID uses 1 Onboard license.
B. Each user authenticated using the Onboard credential uses 1 Onboard license.
C. Each user provisioned using the Onboard process uses 1 Onboard license.
D. Each user that has the OnGuard agent downloaded uses 1 Onboard license.
E. Each user that downloads the Onboard application to their iOS device uses 1 Onboard license.
640-916 exam 
Correct Answer: C

An employee provisions their personal smart phone using the Onboard process. In addition, they have a corporate laptop given to them by IT that connects to the secure network. How many licenses does the user consume?
A. 1 Policy Manager license, 1 Onboard License.
B. 1 Policy Manager license, 1 Guest License.
C. 2 Policy Manager licenses, 1 Onboard License.
D. 2 Policy Manager licenses, 2 Onboard Licenses.
E. 1 Policy Manager license, 2 Guest licenses.
Correct Answer: C

An employee authenticates using their corporate laptop and runs the dissolvable onguard agent to send a health check back the Policy Manager. Based on the health of the device a VLAN is assigned to the corporate laptop. Which licenses are consumed in this scenario?
A. 1 Policy Manager license, 1 Onboard License.
B. 1 Policy Manager license, 1 OnGuard License.

C. 2 Policy Manager licenses, 1 OnGuard License.
D. 1 Policy Manager license, 1 Profile License.
E. 2 Policy Manager licenses, 2 Onguard licenses.
640-916 dumps 
Correct Answer: B

A customer would like to deploy ClearPass with the following objectives: they have between 2000 to 3000 corporate users that need to authenticate daily using EAP-TLS. They want to allow for up to 1000 employee devices to be onboarded. They would also like to allow up to 100 different guest users each day to authenticate using the web login feature. Which of the following best describes the license mix that they need to purchase?
A. CP-HW-5k, 100 Onboard, 100 Guest.
B. CP-HW-500, 1000 Onboard, 100 Guest.
C. CP-HW-2k, 1000 Onboard, 100 Guest.
D. CP-HW-5k, 2500 Enterprise.
E. CP-HW-5k, 1000 Enterprise.
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following statements is true about the Endpoint Profiler? (Choose 2)
A. The Endpoint Profiler requires the Onboard license to be enabled.
B. The Endpoint Profiler uses DHCP fingerprinting for device categorization.
C. Data obtained from the Endpoint Profiler can be used in Enforcement Policy.
D. The Endpoint Profiler can only categorize laptops and desktops.
E. Endpoint Profiler requires a profiling license.
640-916 pdf 
Correct Answer: BC

Which of the following methods can be used as collectors for device profiling? (Choose 2)
A. OnGuard agent
B. Active Directory Attributes
C. ActiveSync Plugin
D. Username and Password
E. Client’s role on the controller
Correct Answer: AC

640-916 dumps

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