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300-101 dumps

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300-101 dumps

Kill your exam with Cisco 300-101 dumps real questions(1-30)

A network engineer wants to notify a manager in the events that the IP SLA connection loss threshold reached. Which two feature are need to implements this functionality? (choose two)
B. Threshold action
C. Cisco IOS EEM
D. SNMP traps
E. logging local
300-101 exam Correct Answer: BD

In IPv6, the interfaces running OSPF can be configured with multiple address prefixes. Which statement is true about the IPv6 addresses that can be included into the OSPF process?
A. Specific addresses cannot be selected for importation into the OSPF process.
B. Specific addresses can be selected using an ACL.
C. Specific addresses can be selected using a route map.
D. Specific addresses can be selected using a prefix list.
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.

300-101 dumps

Which interoperability technique implemented on the router would allow Host-1 to communicate with Host-2?
A. Dual Stack

C. 6to4 tunnel
D. GRE tunnel
E. ISATAP tunnel
300-101 dumps Correct Answer: B

Which of the following are characteristics of TACACS+? (Choose two.)
A. Uses UDP
B. Encrypts an entire packet
C. Offers robust accounting
D. Cisco-proprietary
Correct Answer: BD

The Cisco SA 500 Series Security Appliances are built specifically for businesses with less than 100 employees. What are three important benefits of this device? (Choose three)
A. business-grade firewall
B. premium support via SMART net
C. site-to-site VPN for remote offices
D. Cisco IOS software-based
E. email security
F. XML support
300-101 pdf Correct Answer: ACE

Refer to the exhibit.
300-101 dumps

A new TAC engineer came to you for advice. A GRE over IPsec tunnel was configured, but the tunnel is not coming up. What did the TAC engineer configure incorrectly?
A. The crypto isakmp configuration is not correct.
B. The crypto map configuration is not correct.
C. The network is not included in the OSPF process.
D. The interface tunnel configuration is not correct.
Correct Answer: D

Which statement describes what this command accomplishes when inside and outside interfaces are correctly identified for NAT?
ip nat inside source static tcp 80 8080 extendable
A. It allows host to access external websites using TCP port 8080.
B. It allows external clients coming from public IP to connect to a web server at
C. It allows external clients to connect to a web server hosted on
D. It represents an incorrect NAT configuration because it uses standard TCP ports.

300-101 vce Correct Answer: C

A network engineer finds that a core router has crashed without warning. In this situation, which feature can the
engineer use to create a crash collection?
A. secure copy protocol
B. core dumps
C. warm reloads
E. NetFlow
Correct Answer: B

What is the function of the snmp-server manager command?
A. to enable the device to send and receive SNMP requests and responses
B. to disable SNMP messages from getting to the SNMP engine
C. to enable the device to send SNMP traps to the SNMP server
D. to configure the SNMP server to store log data
300-101 exam Correct Answer: A

A network engineer is configuring the router for NetFlow data exporting. What is required in order for NDE to begin exporting data?
A. Source
B. Flow mask
C. Destination
D. Interface type
E. Traffic type
F. NetFlow version
Correct Answer: C

300-101 dumps

Refer to the exhibit. Router DHCP is configured to lease IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to clients on ALS1 and ALS2. Clients on ALS2 receive IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Clients on ALS1 receive IPv4 addresses. Which configuration on DSW1 allows clients on ALS1 to receive IPv6 addresses?
A. DSW1 (config-if)# ipv6 helper address 2002:404:404::404:404
B. DSW1 (config)#ipv6 route 2002:404:404::404:404/128 FastEthernet 1/0
C. DSW1 (dhcp-config)# default-router 2002:A04:A01::A04:A01
D. DSW1 (config)# ipv6 dhcp relay destination 2002:404:404::404:404 GigabitEthernet 1/2
300-101 dumps Correct Answer: C

Which statement about dual stack is true?
A. Dual stack translates IPv6 addresses to IPv4 addresses.
B. Dual stack means that devices are able to run IPv4 and IPv6 in parallel.
C. Dual stack translates IPv4 addresses to IPv6 addresses.
D. Dual stack changes the IP addresses on hosts from IPv4 to IPv6 automatically.
Correct Answer: B

An engineer is using a network sniffer to troubleshoot DHCPv6 between a router and hosts on the LAN with the
following configuration:
Interface Ethernet0
Ipv6 dhcp server DHCPSERVERPOOL rapid-commit
Which two DHCPv6 messages will appear in the sniffer logs?
A. reply
B. request
C. advertise
D. acknowledge
E. solicit
F. accept
300-101 pdf Correct Answer: AE

A network engineer has left a NetFlow capture enabled over the weekend to gather information regarding excessive bandwidth utilization. The following command is entered: switch#show flow exporter Flow_Exporter-1 What is the expected output?
A. configuration of the specified flow exporter
B. current status of the specified flow exporter
C. status and statistics of the specified flow monitor
D. configuration of the specified flow monitor
Correct Answer: B

A network engineer initiates the ip sla responder tcp-connect command in order to gather statistics for performance gauging. Which type of statistics does the engineer see?
A. connectionless-oriented
B. service-oriented
C. connection-oriented

D. application-oriented
300-101 vce Correct Answer: C

After you review the output of the command show ipv6 interface brief, you see that several IPv6 addresses have the 16-bit hexadecimal value of andquot;FFFEandquot; inserted into the address. Based on this information, what do you conclude about these IPv6 addresses?
A. IEEE EUI-64 was implemented when assigning IPv6 addresses on the device.
B. The addresses were misconfigured and will not function as intended.
C. IPv6 addresses containing andquot;FFFEandquot; indicate that the address is reserved for multicast.
D. The IPv6 universal/local flag (bit 7) was flipped.
E. IPv6 unicast forwarding was enabled, but IPv6 Cisco Express Forwarding was disabled.
Correct Answer: A

Which IPv6 address type is seen as the next-hop address in the output of the show ipv6 rip RIPng database command?
A. link-local
B. global
C. site-local
D. anycast
E. multicast
300-101 exam Correct Answer: A

On which two types of interface is Frame Relay switching supported? (Choose two.)
A. serial interfaces
B. Ethernet interfaces
C. fiber interfaces
D. ISDN interfaces
E. auxiliary interfaces
Correct Answer: AD

Which three are characteristics of IPv6? (Choose three.)
A. An IPv6 address is 128 bits long.
B. An IPv6 header is 20 bits long.
C. An IPv6 header contains the next header field.
D. An IPv6 header contains the protocol field.
E. IPv6 routers send RA messages.
F. An IPv6 header contains the header checksum field.
300-101 dumps Correct Answer: ACE

Which two statements about 6to4 tunneling are accurate? (Choose two.)
A. Prepending a reserved IPv6 code to the hexadecimal representation of facilitates 6to4 tunneling.
B. Each 6to4 site receives a /48 prefix in a 6to4 tunnel.
C. 2002::/48 is the address range specifically assigned to 6to4.
D. Prepending 0x2002 with the IPv4 address creates an IPv6 address that is used in 6to4 tunneling.
E. 6to4 is a manual tunnel method.
Correct Answer: BD

An engineer is configuring a GRE tunnel interface in the default mode. The engineer has assigned an IPv4 address on the tunnel and sourced the tunnel from an Ethernet interface. Which option also is required on the tunnel interface before it is operational?
A. tunnel destination address
B. keepalives
C. IPv6 address
D. tunnel protection
300-101 pdf Correct Answer: A

Which SNMP verification command shows the encryption and authentication protocols that are used in SNMPv3?
A. show snmp view
B. show snmp
C. show snmp user
D. show snmp group

Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Will redistributed RIP routes from OSPF Area 2 be allowed in Area 1?
300-101 dumps

A. Because Area 1 is an NSSA, redistributed RIP routes will not be allowed.
B. Redistributed RIP routes will be allowed in Area 1 because they will be changed into type 5 LSAs in Area 0 and passed on into Area 1.
C. Because NSSA will discard type 7 LSAs, redistributed RIP routes will not be allowed in Area 1.
D. Redistributed RIP routes will be allowed in Area 1 because they will be changed into type 7 LSAs in Area 0 and passed on into Area 1.
E. RIP routes will be allowed in Area 1 only if they are first redistributed into EIGRP.
300-101 vce Correct Answer: A

Which two BGP neighbor states are valid? (Choose Two)
A. established
B. active
C. stuck in active
D. 2-WAY
E. unknown
Correct Answer: AB
Refer to the exhibit.
300-101 dumps

Which one statement is true?
A. Traffic from the network will be blocked by the ACL.
B. The network will not be advertised by Router B because the network statement for the network is missing from Router B.
C. The network will not be in the routing table on Router B.
D. Users on the network can successfully ping users on the network, but users on the cannot successfully ping users on the network.
E. Router B will not advertise the network because it is blocked by the ACL.
300-101 exam Correct Answer: E

Refer to the exhibit.
300-101 dumps

Based on this FIB table, which statement is correct?
A. There is no default gateway.
B. The IP address of the router on FastEthernet is
C. The gateway of last resort is
D. The router will listen for all multicast traffic.
Correct Answer: C

Refer to Exhibit
300-101 dumps

Which two reasons for IP SLA tracking failure are likely true? (Choose Two)
A. The source-interface is configured incorrectly.
B. The destination must be for icmp-echo.
C. A route back to the R1 LAN network is missing in R2.
D. The default route has wrong next hop IP address.
E. The threshold value is wrong.
300-101 dumps Correct Answer: BE

You have been asked to evaluate how EIGRP is functioning in a customer network.
300-101 dumps

300-101 dumps

300-101 dumps

300-101 dumps

Which key chain is being used for authentication of EIGRP adjacency between R4 and R2?
C. key
D. MD5
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
300-101 dumps

Which command only announces the network out of FastEthernet 0/0?
A. distribute list 1 out
B. distribute list 1 out FastEthernet0/0
C. distribute list 2 out
D. distribute list 2 out FastEthernet0/0
300-101 pdf Correct Answer: D

What is the administrative distance for EBGP?
A. 200
B. 30
C. 70
D. 20
Correct Answer: D

300-101 dumps

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