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70-698 dumps

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Kill your exam with Microsoft 70-698 dumps real questions(1-50)

1.You are working with a previously saved document and you have deleted a logical operator. Which two methods can you use to recover the logical operator? (Choose two.)
A.Rebuild the filters.
B.Click the Undo button in the Query panel.
C.From the Tools menu, select Recover Operator.
D.Close the Query panel without executing and then open the query.
70-698 exam Answer:A D

2.Which option can you use to convert a table block into a chart in Web Intelligence Rich Client?
A.Right-click the table block and select “Turn To”
B.Click Format > Charts and select “Convert to Chart”
C.Right-click the table block and select “Convert to Chart”
D.Click Tools > Charts and select “Change Table to Chart”

3.Which method should you use to group query filters together to form one AND statement?
A.Drag the queries together
B.Drag the query filters to the Group panel
C.Select the filters, right-click and select Group
D.Select the filters, then click the Group Filters button on the toolbar
70-698 dumps Answer:A

4.Where is a Web Intelligence variable stored?
A.In the cell
B.In the document
C.In the Metadata Cube
D.In the Central Management Server (CMS)

5.Which two break properties can you use when setting Break Priority? (Choose two.)
A.Order Breaks
B.Vertical Breaks
C.Crosstab Breaks
D.Horizontal Breaks
70-698 pdf Answer:B D

6.You are creating a report to summarize the number of cars sold by region. Which object should you use to aggregate the number of cars sold?

7.Which three calculations can you use in a measure object in Web Intelligence? (Choose three.)
D.Count All
70-698 vce Answer:A B C

8.Which two panels can you use to purge data from a BusinessObjects Web Intelligence XI 3.0 document (WID)? (Choose two.)
C.Active X
D.Slice and Dice
Answer:A B

9.Which three elements are parts of a query filter? (Choose three.)
70-698 exam Answer:B C D

10.Which object types can you merge when using Multi Queries in a Web Intelligence document (WID)?
A.Dimension – Detail
B.Measure – Measure
C.Dimension – Measure
D.Dimension – Dimension

]11.Which tab should you use to change the page orientation of a report?
A.Click File > Page Setup and select “Page Orientation”
B.In InfoView Preferences, change the default page orientation
C.Select the report tab; in Report Manager, select the “Properties” tab and select the “Page Orientation”
D.Select the report page; in Report Manager, select the “Properties” tab and select the “Page Orientation”
70-698 dumps Answer:D

12.Which message appears when you select “Use query drill” while Scope of Analysis is set in a
BusinessObjects Web Intelligence XI 3.0 report?
A.The Scope of Analysis is empty.
B.The Scope of Analysis is not empty. C.The
query drill mode option is enabled. D.The
query drill mode option is not enabled.

13.Which three types of local data files can you use to create a BusinessObjects Web Intelligence XI 3.0
document (WID)? (Choose three.)
70-698 pdf Answer:A C D

14.Which two operators are available when using wildcards in a query filter? (Choose two.)
B.Matches Pattern
C.Not equals Pattern
D.Different from Pattern
Answer:B D

15.What happens when you drop a dimension into a blank part of a report that contains two blocks,
without the ALT key selected?
A.A new block is created.
B.A new section is created.
C.An error message is displayed.
D.The currently selected cell is displayed.
70-698 vce Answer:B

16.Which two options should you take before you finish creating a variable in Web Intelligence? (Choose two.)
Answer:A D

17.Which panel should you use to view a Document Summary of a BusinessObjects Web Intelligence XI 3.0 document (WID)?
C.Active X
70-698 exam Answer:D

18.Which two statements are true about the AND operator? (Choose two.)
A.Used when any condition is met by two filters
B.Used when all conditions are met by two filters
C.Used when all conditions are met by more than two filters
D.Used when only one condition is met by any of the filters
Answer:B C

19.Your document displays all data in black. Which dialog box should you use to configure the colors of
your document data?
A.Document Palette
B.Document Formats
C.Display Preferences
D.Data Tracking Options
70-698 dumps Answer:D

20.Which three options are valid Page Layout Options in the Properties tab of a document? (Choose three.)
A.Top margin B.Left
margin C.Page
D.Background color
E.Visited hyperlink colors
Answer:A B C

21. You can edit .html files using Source View. Is this statement true or false?
A. True
B. False
70-698 pdf Answer:A

22. In a CA Workflow Process Definition, the Operations list in the Workitem tab contains the web service calls.
A. True
B. False

23. Which command removes a region from the Global_Servers table?
A. pdm_deleteload -r
B. pdm_terminateload -r
C. pdm_userload -r
D. pdm_removeload -r
70-698 vce Answer: C

24. What is the first step for ensuring members of the Domain Admins Active Directory group have the
Analyst Service Desk Web Client and Access Type?
A. Create a contact using Merge LDAP.
B. Configure the Analyst access type.
C. Log in to the Service Desk Web Client.
D. Open the Service Desk Web Client.
Answer: B

25. How do you help ensure that local groups are available through replication?
A. By enabling replication rules on each region
B. By typing pdm_publish and pressing Enter
C. By associating local groups with global queue names
D. By using Web Screen Painter (WSP) on the production system to publish schema adaptations
70-698 exam Answer: C

26. Where are the delete requests processed after the adapted forms are published?
A. In the $NX_ROOT/site/mods/www folders
B. In the $NX_ROOT/site/mods/www/htmpl/web/<InterfaceType>/<FormGroup> folder
C. In the $NX_ROOT/site/mods/wsp/project/web/<InterfaceType>/<FormGroup> folder
D. In the C:\Program Files\CA\Unicenter Service Desk\site\mods folder

27. In which outbound mail queue does the SMTP email notification method place email messages?
A. $NX_ROOT/mail_queue
B. $NX_ROOT/site
C. $NX_ROOT/site/mail_queue
D. $NX/site/mail_queue
70-698 dumps Answer: C

28. To preview a list form, you must click Preview on the Web Screen Painter toolbar. Is this statement true
or false?
A. True
B. False

29. Which notification method uses the pdm_mail executable to construct an email message and place it in
the outbound mail queue?
70-698 pdf Answer:A

30. How do you edit JavaScript in Web Screen Painter (WSP)?
A. Use the Source View tab.
B.Use the Administration tab.
C.Use the Options tab.
D. Use the Edit File list.

31. Which call always uses the DEFAULT web service policy?
A. loginServiceManaged()
B. login()
C. loginManaged()
D. loginService()
70-698 vce Answer: B

32. What is the first step for creating a new detail form using a form template?
A. Select the table object for the new detail form.
B. Select the detail.template form in Web Screen Painter (WSP).
C. Create and save a title list in Web Screen Painter (WSP).
D. Create and save a new list template in Web Screen Painter (WSP).
Answer: B

33. Which two tasks can an administrator perform with the help of web service policies and problem types?
A. Enable ticket flooding.
B. Limit access to certain web service calls.
C. Enable different applications to have individual settings for the web service calls.
D. Enable Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) authentication.
70-698 exam Answer: BC

34. The Analyst access type always has complete access to Schema Designer. Is this statement true or false?
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

35. When a contact record is created from the LDAP directory, if that user is a member of the associated LDAP group, the access type must be set manually on the contact record for that user. Is this statement true or false?
A. True
B. False
70-698 dumps Answer: B

36. What is used to implement security in Web Screen Painter (WSP)?
A. Set of check boxes on the Administration tab
B. Set of options on the Schema Designer window
C. Set of check boxes on the Access tab of a function type
D. Set of check boxes on the Function Access tab of an Access Type
Answer: D

37. The usp_contact table stores the attributes of a cnt object that store a user’s notification methods. Is this statement true or false?
A. True
B. False
70-698 pdf Answer:A

38. Which file does Web Screen Painter (WSP) create when you set Schema Designer to Test Mode?
A. base.maj
B. ddict.sch
C. wsptest.mods
D. cmdb_ext.sch
Answer: C

39. What is the first step for enabling Multi-Site Support on the master region?
A. Define all regions, starting with the master region.
B. Configure the multi-site option, global_name, in Options Manager.
C. Define your global queue names.
D. Replicate global queue names to all regions.
70-698 vce Answer: B

40. During the implementation of a single distributed Unicenter Service Desk (Unicenter SD) system,
which phase follows the verification of Version Control Operations?
A. Perform Web Screen Painter (WSP) Adaptation Distributions.
B. Implement a Remote Keyword Search Server.
C. Implement a Remote Login Validation Server.
D. Implement the Web Director.

41.Are you an:
A. IBM Customer
B. IBM Partner
C. IBM Employee
70-698 exam Answer: A

42.If you are successful with this exam, do you agree to have your name made available to relevent IBM personnel for project staffing?.
A. Yes
B. No
Answer: A

43.Which of the following is a step in the process of loading data from a Cognos Planning system into a Metric Studio application?
A. Create a Framework Manager model in Metric Designer.
B. Transfer the metrics to the Contributor store.
C. Create a Framework Manager model from published Contributor data.
D. Transfer live Analyst data directly into the metric store.
70-698 dumps Answer: C

44.Which of the following sets of metrics would be MOST appropriate for the balanced scorecard model?
A. Number of new hires, Turnover rate, Head count, Average age
B. Revenue, customer satisifaction, product quality, percent of employees trained
C. Sales, revenue per sq ft, product quality, number of returns
D. Global revenue, revenue for services, revenue for product sales, revenue for support
Answer: B

45.A scorecard application has been implemented using the balanced model, where four scorecards were created for each perspective. Which perspectives contain the following metrics?
defects per unit
number of returns
number of recalls
A. Financial and Customer
B. Customer and Internal Process
C. Internal Process and Learning and Growth
D. Financial and Learning and Growth
70-698 pdf Answer: B

46.The data that needs to be populated in the metric store requires consolidation and data cleansing from various data sources. What is the MOST appropriate data loading technique to accomplish this?
A. Manual entry
B. Metric Designer
C. SQL scripts (structured query language)
D. An ETL tool (extraction, transformation, and loading)
Answer: D

47.A scorecard contains metrics that were loaded for today, last month, and last quarter. What view is used to see all the metric statuses at once?
A. Most recent values
B.Monthly level values
C.Quarterly level values
D.Yearly level values
70-698 vce Answer: A

48.Americas Derived Performance is a derived index metric based on all the metrics in the Americas scorecard. Using the most recent view, the status for Americas Derived Performance is not showing. What must a user do to see the status of Americas Derived Performance?
A. Select calendar level as Month and calendar period as December.
B. Select calendar level as Quarter and calendar period as Q4.
C. Select calendar level as Year and calendar period as 2007.
D. Select show the to-date status values for open periods as of Dec 1, 2007.
Answer: C

49.How would a user be able to view a list of their metrics according to the goals of their business?
A. Sort and trend
B. Strategies
C. Watch list
D. Metric types
70-698 exam Answer: B

50.What can the user create to indicate that they have taken a corrective step to improve the performance of a metric?
A. Project
B. Strategy
C. Action
D. Report
Answer: C

70-698 dumps

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