Enough, learn the basics of the Cisco CCNP 300-810 exam

Cisco CCNP 300-810 exam

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Latest Cisco CCNP 300-810 practice test online


The persistent chat feature is configured in a Cisco Jabber deployment that is running Cisco Unified IM and Presence
11.5 SU6 Desktop clients are working but mobile clients are not displaying persistent chats. Which configuration Is
necessary to enable the Jabber persistent chat feature on mobile devices?

A. while logged into IM and Presence server Administration, go to \\’ Messaging\\’, then Settings”, and check the
checkbox for the \\’ Enable persistent chat for mobile” field
B. add the false line to the Jabber configuration file that is used by all Jabber devices
C. add the true line to the Jabber configuration rule that is used by mobile devices
D. add “Enable_Persistent_Chat\\’\\’ in the “Cisco Support Field\\’ on the Jabber for mobile device configuration page on Cisco UCM

Correct Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit.

A Jabber user is unable to access voicemail. During troubleshooting, an administrator captures this screenshot. What
are the two ways to resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

A. Ask the user to click on the “Connect to a device” button and use the correct username and password.
B. Ensure the user is not locally created on Cisco Unity Connection with a password expiring separately from the
password that is used for Jabber.
C. Make sure the Jabber service profile created in Cisco UCM contains Unity Connection UC service with a voicemail
server configured.
D. Ask an administrator to create an account for this user in Cisco Unity Connection but remove the Unity Connection
UC service from the Cisco UCM Jabber service profile.
E. Check if “OAuth with Refresh Login Flow” is enabled on Cisco Unity Connection but disabled in Cisco UCM.

Correct Answer: CD


An engineer is checking the Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unity Connection integration and
presses the Message button on a phone to check the voicemail. Which action does Cisco Unified CM take?

A. Cisco Unified CM looks up the voicemail pilot configured to dial.
B. Cisco Unified CM routes the configured hunt pilot to Unity Connection.
C. Cisco Unified CM looks up the hunt pilot configured to dial.
D. Cisco Unified CM sends an AXL query to Unity Connection.

Correct Answer: A

https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/admin/9_1_1/ccmsys/ CUCM_BK_C5565591_00_cucmsystem-guide-91/CUCM_BK_C5565591_00_cucm-system-guide- 91_chapter_011110.html


Refer to the exhibit.

Which action allows a remote Cisco Jabber user utilizing Mobile and Remote Access to automatically log in to a Cisco
Unity Connection voicemail box via OAuth?

A. Add CUCM under System Settings > Authz Servers in Cisco Expressway-E.
B. Add CUCM under System Settings > Authz Servers in Cisco Expressway-C.
C. Add CUCM under System Settings > Authz Servers in Cisco Unity.
D. Add CUCM under System Settings > Authz Servers in Cisco Unity Connection.

Correct Answer: D

https://community.cisco.com/t5/unified-communications/jabber-mra-unity-voice-mail-integration- issue/td-p/3195653


Which two methods does Cisco Jabber use for contact searching in an on-premises deployment model? (Choose two.)


Correct Answer: CD

Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/srnd/collab11/collab11/presence.html


An organization has two Cisco IM and Presence clusters: one in the Americas and one in EMEAR. Both clusters
connect via an intercluster peer. Each Cisco IM and Presence cluster has four nodes logically divided into two
subclusters with high availability enabled with its local peers. When the Cisco IM and Presence publisher node in the
Americas fails, to where are the users failed over?

A. Cisco IM and Presence publisher in EMEAR. in the different logical group
B. Cisco IM and Presence subscriber in the Americas, in the different logical group
C. Cisco IM and Presence subscriber in EMEAR. in the same logical group with IM and Presence publisher
D. Cisco IM and Presence subscriber in the Americas, in the same logical group with IM and Presence publisher

Correct Answer: D


An engineer needs to configure individual call handler greetings on Cisco Unity Connection so that a single greeting can override all other greetings set by users during a holiday period. Which type of greeting should be configured to
accomplish this goal?

A. internal
B. holiday
C. alternate
D. closed

Correct Answer: B



Which dial-peer configuration routes call from SIP-based phones on Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express
to Cisco Unity Express?

A. dial-peer voice 7000 VoIP destination-pattern 7000 session protocol sipv2 session target ipv4: codec
B. dial-peer voice 7000 VoIP destination-pattern 7000 session protocol sipv2 session target ipv4: codec IBC
C. dial-peer voice 7000 VoIP destination-pattern 7000 session protocol sipv2 session target ipv4: codec
D. dial-peer voice 7000 VoIP destination-pattern 7000 session protocol sipv2 session target ipv4: codec

Correct Answer: C



Drag and drop the steps of the SAML SSO process from the left into the order on the right.
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:


An administrator is setting up the Cisco Unified IM and Presence on-premises high availability feature and wants the
Server Recovery Manager to initiate failover after 90 seconds. However, failover is happening after 60 seconds. How is
Is this issue corrected?

A. Change peer Heartbeat Timeout to 90 seconds.
B. Change Keep Alive (Heartbeat) Interval to 90 seconds.
C. Change critical service delay to 90 seconds.
D. Change Keep Alive (Heartbeat) Timeout to 90 seconds.

Correct Answer: D

https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/im_presence/configAdminGuide/11 5_1/cup0_b_configand-admin-guide-1151su5/cup0_b_imp-system-configuration- 1151su5_chapter_0100.html


What submits credentials to the LDAP server during a call that uses SAML SSO?

A. Cisco UCM server
B. service provider
C. browser-based client
D. IdP

Correct Answer: D

https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/SAML_SSO_deployment_guide/12_ 5_1/cucm_b_samlsso-deployment-guide-12_5/cucm_b_saml-sso-deployment-guide- 12_5_chapter_01.html


Refer to the exhibit.

Which two steps resolve the “Users with Duplicate User IDs” message? (Choose two.)

A. Rename the directory URI value for one of the users to ensure that there is no duplication.
B. Rename the User ID value for one user if different users on different clusters have the same User ID assigned.
C. Unassign a user from one of the clusters when the same user is assigned to two different clusters.
D. Assign the duplicate user to the secondary Cisco IM and Presence node.
E. Delete the user ID for the duplicate user ID.

Correct Answer: BC



Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator is configuring the auto-attendant script for a Cisco Unity Express integration to Cisco UCME and wants to play the “busOpenPrompt” wave file when it is not a holiday. How should the script be configured to accomplish this goal?

A. Check the Business Hours only if the “Is Holiday” prompt returns a “Yes”.
B. Swap the Open and Closed branches in the script.
C. Check the Business Hours only if the “Is Holiday” prompt returns a “No”.
D. Swap the “busOpenPrompt” with “busClosedPrompt”.

Correct Answer: C


What is the maximum number of Cisco Unity Connection locations connected in an HTTPS network?

A. 50
B. 25
C. 200
D. 10

Correct Answer: B



Refer to the exhibit.

After configuration of the Cisco IMandP cluster in high-availability mode, both IMandP servers remain in the initializing
state. Which two actions ensure normal operations of this IMandP high-availability cluster? (Choose two.)

A. Clear the Enable High Availability check box in the Presence Redundancy Group configuration.
B. Confirm that Cisco Presence Engine, Cisco XCP Router, and Cisco DB services are up and running on both IMandP
C. Restart the Server Recovery Manager service in Cisco Unified Serviceability?Network Services on both IMandP
D. Verify that the Cisco XCP SIP Federation Connection Manager service is running.
E. Ensure that an equal number of users are assigned to each IMandP server.

Correct Answer: CE

https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/im_presence/configAdminGuide/10_5_1/CUP0_BK_CE43108E_00_config-admin-guide-imp-105/ CUP0_BK_CE43108E_00_configadmin-guide-imp-105_chapter_010010.html

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