Cisco 700-760 Exam Study Guide [Free]: 700-760 Dumps

Cisco 700-760 Study Guide

How can I pass the Cisco 700-760 exam? This post is the Cisco 700-760 exam study guide (with links). Download Pass4itsure – latest Cisco Channel Partner Program Certifications 700-760 dumps and spend as much time as possible to practice before your Cisco 700-760 exam. 100% passing your Cisco certification 700-760 exam successfully.

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Cisco 700-760 Exam Official Information
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Cisco 700-760 Exam Free Sample Practice Questions
Cisco 700-760 Exam Video
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Cisco 700-760 Exam Official information

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Looking for 700-760 Dumps? Read This!

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Cisco Channel Partner Program 700-760 Exam Free Sample Practice Questions

Which two Cisco products remediate network, cloud, and endpoint threats? (Choose two.)
A. Duo
B. Identity Services Engine
C. Stealthwatch
D. Cisco Security Connector
E. AMP for Endpoints
Correct Answer: BC

Which two attack vectors are protected by Visibility and Enforcement? (Choose two.)
A. Mobile
B. Cloud
C. Email
D. Web
E. Endpoints
Correct Answer: CD

What are two ways Cisco addresses customers\\’ growing business needs? (Choose two.)
A. Multi/hybrid cloud platforms
B. Highly-scalable DC platforms
C. Bulletproof NGFW appliances
D. Consolidated tracking and reporting
E. Multiple solution deployment choices
Correct Answer: AB

Which Cisco Security benefit is a differentiator that allows partners to plan and model their business?
A. one solution to fit every need
B. comprehensive vision for security
C. unparalleled commitment
D. best-in-class technologies
Correct Answer: B

Which Cisco value is demonstrated by the fact that Cisco advanced threat solutions block emerging and persisting
threats quickly?
A. protection
B. agility
C. time-to-value
D. scalability
Correct Answer: A

Where do you start to achieve true network visibility?
A. Branches
B. Fabric Level
Correct Answer: B

Which two benefits of flexible purchasing does Cisco provide? (Choose two.)
A. Simplify the datacenter
B. Meet immediate needs
C. Roll out more solutions
D. Plan for the future
E. Reduce training needs
Correct Answer: AE

What is used to reduce attack surfaces?
A. Access
B. Remediation
C. Segmentation
D. Device trust
Correct Answer: B

What are two key Cisco loT use cases? (Choose two.)
A. Mobile Utilities
B. Financial Institutions
C. Parks and Recreation
D. Industrial Security
E. Connected Health
Correct Answer: BE

Which network security product provides a unified image on an intuitive interface?
A. Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System
B. Advanced Malware Protection
C. Cloudlock
D. Firepower Threat Defense
Correct Answer: B

Which component of AMP provides the details customers need to address problems after a breach is identified?
A. Rapid remediation
B. Filesandboxmg
C. Continuous analysis
D. Context awareness
Correct Answer: A

What are two common seller obstacles? (Choose two.)
A. Unresponsive potential customers
B. Overcrowded portfolios
C. Complexity of solution components
D. Fragmented solutions
E. Seller competition
Correct Answer: AD

What are two factors that influence customer loT conversations\\’? (Choose two)
A. Maturity
B. Detection
C. Motivation
D. Protection
E. Prevention
Correct Answer: CE

Cisco 700-760 Exam Video

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