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Latest update valid VMware VCP6-DCV 2v0-621 dumps, free online 2v0-621 exam Practice Test

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Latest effective VMware 2v0-621 Exam Practice Tests

Which two idenafcaaon sources can a vSphere Auto Deploy rule use to idenafy target hosts? (Choose two.)
A. Processor Serial Number
B. Security Idenafer
C. SMBIOS informaaon
Correct Answer: CD

An administrator wants to set a non-default isolaaon address of for High Availability. Which advanced setng
would accomplish this task?
A. Das.isolaaonaddress0=
B. Das.useisolaaonaddress0=
C. Das.defaulasolaaonaddress0=
D. Das.haisolaaonaddress0=
Correct Answer: A

An administrator suspects that the MTU value for a vSphere Standard Switch is misconfgured. Which two commands
can determine the value? (Choose two.)
A. esxcfg-vswitch -l
B. esxcli network vswitch standard list
C. esxcfg-vss -l
D. esxcli network standard vswitch list
Correct Answer: AB

Which three logs can be reviewed to troubleshoot a vCenter Server upgrade failure? (Choose three.)
A. vminst.log
B. vim-vcs-msi.log
C. pkgmgr.log
D. vc-upgrade.log
E. frstboot.log
Correct Answer: ABC

Refer to the Exhibit.

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