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[2021.2] Free Online, Oracle 1z0-082 Exam Actual Dumps Practice Test Questions

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QUESTION 1Which three statements are true about the tools used to configure Oracle Net Services? (Choose three.)
QUESTION 2Which statement is true about the INTERSECT operator used in compound queries?
QUESTION 3You execute this command:
1Z0-082 exam questions-q3
Sufficient storage is available in filesystem /u01.
Which two statements are true about the BIG_TBS tablespace? (Choose two.)
QUESTION 4Which three statements are true about external tables in Oracle 18c and later releases? (Choose three.)

QUESTION 5Examine this description of the TRANSACTIONS table:
1Z0-082 exam questions-q5
Which two SQL statements execute successfully? (Choose two.)
QUESTION 6Your database instance was shut down normally and then started in NOMOUNT state. You then execute this
Which two actions are performed? (Choose two.)
QUESTION 7Which two statements are true about the WHERE and HAVING clauses in a SELECT statement? (Choose two.)

QUESTION 8In which three situations do a new transaction always start? (Choose three.)
QUESTION 9Examine the description of the EMPLOYEES table:
1Z0-082 exam questions-q9
Which query is valid?
QUESTION 10View the Exhibit and examine the structure of the PRODUCTS table. Which two tasks require subqueries? (Choose
1Z0-082 exam questions-q10


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