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[2020.12] Try, Share Cisco 350-801 Exam Dumps Questions, Cisco 350-801 Practice Test Free Online

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Cisco 350-801 Exam Dumps Questions

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QUESTION 1When a user dials a number with a phone that is registered to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, what is the
default timeout before the number is sent?
QUESTION 2An engineer deploys a Cisco Expressway edge server for a customer who wants to utilize all feature on the server.
Which feature does the engineer configure on the Expressway edge?
QUESTION 3Which settings are needed to configure the SIP route pattern in Cisco Unified Communications Manager?
QUESTION 4How can an engineer determine location-based CAC bandwidth requirements for Cisco Unified Communications
QUESTION 5Which version is used to provide encryption for SNMP management traffic in collaboration deployments?
QUESTION 6Which statement describes the Maximum Serving Count service parameter of the Cisco TFTP service on Cisco Unified
Communications Manager?
According to the QoS Baseline Model, drag and drop the applications from the left onto the correct Per-Hop Behavior
values on the right.
Select and Place:

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QUESTION 8Due to provider requirements, outgoing calls from the Enterprise to the PSTN must start with channel 1. Which ISDN
command changes the channel selection an IOS to meet this requirement?
QUESTION 9Which packet delay is the maximum supported between Cisco Unified Communications Manager nodes for clustering
over WAN deployments?
QUESTION 10Dumpclick 350-801 exam questions-q10
Refer to the exhibit. Given this “debug isdn q921” output, what is the problem with the PRI?
QUESTION 11A Cisco Unity Connection administrator receives a name change request from a voice-mail user, whose Cisco Unity
Connection user account was imported from Cisco Unified Communications Manager. What should the administrator do
to execute this change?
QUESTION 12A Cisco collaboration engineer is troubleshooting unexpected SIP call disconnect. Which three responses
corresponding to the 5xx range? (Choose Three)
QUESTION 13Which configuration tells a switch part to send Cisco Discovery Protocol packets that configure an attached Cisco IP
phone to trust tagged traffic that is received from a device that is connected to the access port on the Cisco IP phone?

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