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NEW CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002 Exam Questions

In an IaaS model, to which of the following methodologies would the client apply a list of OS patches, assuming
approval from CAB has been given?
A. Using a patch management system, identify the hypervisor type, select a group of hypervisors to be patched, and
perform a rolling application of patches.
B. Using a patch management system, identify the guests that require patching, and select and apply the patches.
C. Using a patch management system, identify the applications needing the patch, select the required application in a
patch management console, and apply the patches.
D. Using a patch management system, identify the services that require patching, and select and apply the patches.
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following is used to handle non-sensitive information in a datacenter and can be moved to the public cloud
to free up local resources and meet high demands?
A. Chargeback
B. Cloud bursting
C. Automation
D. Rapid deployment
Correct Answer: B
An administrator needs to test the latency between two servers. Which of the following commands should be used?
A. route
B. arp
C. ping
D. nslookup/dig
Correct Answer: A
A company purchased a SaaS CRM application. The signed SLA meets year-round performance requirements. Three months after deployment, customers start reporting a slow application response time. System availability, connectivity,
and proper functionality still meet the SLA. Which of the following is MOST likely the reason for the poor response
A. Incorrect business requirements are invalidating the testing results.
B. Bandwidth restrictions are causing poor performance.
C. The application version is causing compatibility issues.
D. Inadequate documentation is affecting the user interface.
Correct Answer: C
A company is seeking a new backup solution for its virtualized file servers that fits the following characteristics:
The files stored on the servers are extremely large.
Existing files receive multiple small changes per day.
New files are only created once per month.
All backups are being sent to a cloud repository.
Which of the following would BEST minimize backup size?
A. Local snapshots
B. Differential backups
C. File-based replication
D. Change block tracking
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following tools would an administrator use to test connectivity of a server in the cloud?
A. ping
C. nslookup
D. netstat
Correct Answer: A
Engineers are preparing to move guests to new compute and storage infrastructure. Basic network and SAN
connectivity have been established. Which of the following options are valid NEXT steps to prepare for guest migration
to the new infrastructure? (Select two.)
A. Tag the live migration VLAN on the trunk to the new servers
B. Correctly size and provision NFS LUNs on the new storage
C. Zone HBAs
D. Prep mirror VMs on new hosts for data migration
E. Tag the SAN trunks with the correct guest network VLANs
Correct Answer: AD
A cloud administrator works for an online gaming company that is hosting its multiplayer servers in a public IaaS cloud.
The following metrics are reported during a controlled beta test:
RAM usage80%
Bandwidth usage50%
Average ping800ms
The beta test shows poor performance for gamers. Which of the following should the cloud administrator implement
FIRST to improve the gamers\\’ experience?
A. Scale the deployment of multiplayer servers by doubling the number of VMs.
B. Increase network bandwidth on the multiplayer servers.
C. Increase the RAM on the multiplayer servers.
D. Deploy multiplayer servers in public cloud locations closer to the user base.
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following is used by storage tiering to meet SLAs?
B. Rules sets
C. Policies
D. Cron jobs
Correct Answer: A
A new contract requires software to be developed, tested, and implemented within a month. Which of the following
levels of service would allow rapid provisioning and deployment?
A. Cloud bursting
B. PaaS
C. CaaS
D. BPaaS
Correct Answer: B
An administrator needs to securely troubleshoot an issue with a virtual host from a remote location. Which of the
following allows for this by default?
A. VPN and RDP
B. SCP and RDP
C. AES and TLS
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following contributes to increased read access performance on a fibre channel SAN?
A. Zoning
B. Clustered storage
C. Caching
D. QoS
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following BEST describes the process of restoring service to a primary datacenter in a controlled manner,
following a disaster?
A. Failover
B. Replication
C. Failback
D. Geographical diversity
Correct Answer: C

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